Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Graduate Spotlight: Anthony Brooks

Have you gone through every possible excuse not to do an internship??? How about a really good reason for why you should do one? Anthony Brooks is a really good reason.
Anthony has been applying with various police departments since 2007. When he had the opportunity during his AAS of Criminal Justice program, Kaplan helped him to get an internship with the Urbandale Police Department. After completing his internship, he continued to stay connected with the police department, volunteering for events that they put on (such as the 4th of July Parade and National Night Out) and serving as a reserve officer, all while continuing his education and finishing up with his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. 

All of Anthony's hard work paid off, and he started at the Iowa Law Force Academy on August 19th. He will begin working as a police officer with the Urbandale Police Department on December 9th. He specifically said that he would not have this job if he had not completed his internship. 

Anthony's advice to those with goals in the law enforcement field:
"Be persistent, don't give up"
"It's a very competitive field. Education is huge. Finish the degrees and get yourself known through volunteer opportunities with departments."
He also recommends that for those trying to break in the field be looking for reserve officer positions.

Watch this brief video on turning your internship into a job offer!

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