Friday, May 16, 2014

Graduate Spotlight: David Boston

Meet David Boston, a recent graduate from our information technology program. After working a few jobs, David discovered he needed to do something different with his life and found that he wanted to learn more about computers. He knew he needed flexibility with his work and school schedules and found Kaplan University to be a good fit. After two and a half years, David had obtained both his associate's and bachelor's degrees and was ready to move forward with his job search. With the help of his career services advisor, Amanda Schickel, David worked to prepare for his interviews and landed a great job contracting at Wells Fargo as a business systems consultant.

In David's words, "I know for a fact, I could not have gotten this job without the help from the fine people working to help me find a job that I could enjoy and actually look forward to going to each day."

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